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R.A.R.E. Digital Art Network Auction and Event

On May 9 from 6pm to 10pm, POW! WOW! DC will host the first R.A.R.E. Digital Art Network Auction, featuring Digital works from past and current POW! WOW! Alums.
If you are interested in crypto currency and forward thinking ideas about what art could be in the digital age, this event is for you! 

Bring your Etherium Wallet and get ready to peek into the future.

About R.A.R.E. Digital Art Network:

Artists deserve more than passion projects. They deserve to create on their own terms, unadulterated by the influence of a paycheck.

Until today, artists' digital works carry no defensible value, as anyone can replicate and redistribute their files.

The R.A.R.E. Network changes everything.  We introduce permanence, scarcity, and proof-of-ownership to the digital art world.

Artists Deserve R.A.R.E.